The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology has reported that a biologic drug known as Secukinumab has proven to clear psoriasis from about 40% of test patients for a period of a year.

Clinical trials conducted and reported in July 2014 indicated that a consumption of a 300 milligram dosage of the drug within a 3-month period helped to heal psoriasis from more than 25% of patients. Furthermore, up to 40% of pateints experienced clearance from psoriasis after using the drug for a year.

Biologic drug for psoriasisFurthermore, 60% of the test patients reported an improvement of up to 90% from their previous condition, after using the drug for the same duration.

Nevertheless, there were about 5% of patients who experienced side effects after taking the drug, from headaches, upper respiratory tract infections to colds.

At the current moment, Secukinumab is pending approval from the US Food and Drug Administration and has a high likelihood of attaining the approval in the near future.


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