Psoriasis is a painful skin condition that’s often misunderstood to be contagious, even though it’s really not. Even while 7 million Americans are suffering from this condition in various degrees, the awareness surrounding Psoriasis is seriously lacking.

With most Psoriasis sufferers hiding their condition for fear of embarrassment, it’s not a wonder that most people in public aren’t aware of its existence. Those who have put on a brave front to ignore the hard stares have been treated with disdain close to the point of hostility. This is exactly the reason why many are depressed with Psoriasis, and who have also given up hope on ever finding relief from this condition.

kate delessio psoriasisKate Dalessio from Meadowbank in Scotland is considering suing Sainsbury store for asking her to leave apparently in response to other customers who complained about her appalling Psoriasis condition. The store duty manager had apparently escorted her out and requested her to cover up her Psoriasis condition if she intended to visit the supermarket in the future. Since she’s been diagnosed with psoriasis since she was 5, Kate has never suffered such humiliation, but rather just questions on her condition.

Another sufferer, Heather McKenzie, started battling Psoriasis since she was 20. Her condition appalled those around her, including relatives. With 70% of her body with Psoriasis, her sister refused to sit next to her during Christmas, with the excuse that her condition quelled her appetite. Heather had also refrained from putting on swimming costumes at the pool, after overhearing a lifeguard being told by another lady to stop her from entering the pool.

heather mckensie psoriasisAccording to her dermatologists, Heather seems to be one of the worst cases of Psoriasis she had encountered. In fact, Heather seems to encounter periods of outbreaks throughout her life, which started while she was recovering from an accident in her 20s. Later on, she had an outbreak in New Zealand when she had red blisters all over her body, including her face. Her appearance was horrifying, as Heather describes her face to be like an entire scab in itself. Truly, all these breakouts made Heather feel like a leper and she even had to have different wardrobes to cater to the seasons when she had a psoriasis outbreak.

Popular CNN news anchor Zain Verjee suffers from Psoriasis all over her body, despite being not affected on her face. Wherever on her body that’s affected though, there will be scales, followed by blood and pus. On her scalp, she has flakes that would fall out when she sits down, and she has open sores on her hands. Even her ears are not spared as they are filled with crusts. Like the other Psoriasis sufferers, she also feels like a leper.

zain verjee psoriasisNevertheless, for Zain Verjee and testimonials from other Psoriasis sufferers, they have found a solution that has worked for them after decades of seeking. Some of them found medical solutions that worked, while others experienced a breakthrough with clear skin after changing their diet and lifestyle.

Watch out for the next blog posting with a showcase of testimonials on treatments on what has worked for some psoriasis sufferers.

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