Psoriasis has not only affected your physical health, but it has probably also tortured you on a mental level. In fact, psoriasis is one of those ugly skin diseases which can badly affect your emotional health. The reason is that our confidence and self esteem has become so much dependant on our facial appearance and clothes till the point we can feel depressed when we receive unflattering comments. In fact, it has been observed that 63 percent of patients with psoriasis claim that this disease lays a negative impact on their emotional well-being (National Psoriasis Foundation survey).

Slowly and gradually, this initial deterioration of emotional health and too much mental stress progresses to a state of depression. Colby Evans, of Evans Dermatology Partners, Austin, Texas says that it becomes a vicious cycle, with Psoriasis causing stress and depression and stress itself aggrevating the symptoms of Psoriasis, leading to more and more depressed levels of mentation.

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Dealing With Depression in Psoriasis

Below are some of the tips on fighting depression when you have Psoriasis:

  • Build your self confidence. Never try to hide yourself from the fact that you have Psoriasis, a disease of the skin, just like the people who have a heart disease or a liver disease never hide it. It is not to be ashamed of. In fact, you have to recognize the reality that psoriasis is now a part of you for the time being, but it does not actually define you.
  • Take it slow. Learn to take your life one day at a time. Care about each day and don’t just worry about the how the condition of your Psoriasis affected skin would be in a month or year from now. There is a chance that your symptoms might get decreased to a negligible level.
  • Take care of your psoriasis. Don’t just sit at one place in front of the mirror in despair. Get up, go to the best dermatologist in the town and use his or her recommended medications with patience. Remember, the good things always come to those who wait patiently with a positive feeling of hope.
  • Reduce stress. Take down time from your work, have a little bit more sleep, have a conversation with your near and dear ones and go for relaxation exercises or recreational activities. The positive thinking or positive actions are always better than the side-effect prone anti-depressant medications.
  • Seek support. You can join a local Psoriasis support group or you can find online Psoriasis groups where patients share their feelings and experiences with Psoriasis. Knowing that you are not alone as far as dealing with this disease is concerned, makes you feel better emotionally.
  • Get educated about Psoriasis. If people stare at your psoriasis lesions, you can explain to them that these are not contagious at all. By educating yourself about this disease, you can also play an active role in deciding the best and compliant treatment option for your Psoriasis.
  • Eat a healthy diet. You should choose for yourself, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meats. Drinking lots and lots of water is beneficial for the skin. Also, eat whole grains and little sugar or fat. Try to skip the fast foods and the processed or fried ones. This way, not only your Psoriasis symptoms would improve, but also you will be able to maintain a normal weight and body shape which will boost your self-esteem.
  • Get some sunlight.  Light therapy effectively treats both Psoriasis and mood disorders. However, make sure to wear sunscreen in case you are going out in the bare sun for more than 20 minutes for reducing the risk of skin cancer.

All in all, developing a positive attitude in life always helps. It will help you not only in dealing with the depression or stress, but it also might cure you of all the Psoriasis symptoms. Go back to the history or read Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life”, where you can find real life incidences of people who have treated their deadly diseases by themselves with the weapons of positive attitude and an army of positive affirmations repeated over and over again.

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