Being diagnosed with Psoriasis won’t mean that you are only left with over-the-counter or prescribed medication. There are various home remedies that work naturally to treat Psoriasis. Most of them involve using ingredients around the home, or just a change in daily habits.

1) Give your skin adequate moisture

cool showers psoriasis treatment

First off, you need to change your bathing habits. It’s crucial to avoid hot and long baths that usually has a drying effect on your skin, causing your itchy skin condition to worsen. When your skin is dry and itchy, you’ll likely experience another flare-up, a very uncomfortable condition for you.

Conversely, you should opt for short and cool or lukewarm showers to alleviate the dryness and reduce the itchiness. Also, avoid rubbing your skin when you are toweling dry. Instead, you should just pat your skin until it’s almost dry, before applying skin moisturizer or lotion. This helps to lock in the moisture on your skin and thus prevents it from drying, scaling and ultimately itching.

If you are drawing a lukewarm bath for yourself, it may help to add bath oils or even Epsom salts to help sooth your skin. Besides, the sweet aroma from the oils, such as vegetable or mineral oils will help you de-stress and relax!

2) Keep your body adequately hydrated

hydration for psoriasis treatment

Being dry on the outside can also be caused by inadequate hydration in your body. Thus, you need to ensure that you get adequate fluids throughout the day. Avoid caffeine that works to dehydrate your body. Instead, opt for fruit juices that also contain lots of vitamins, in addition to properly hydrating your body.


3) Use natural products

When you are using moisturizers or even make-up, opt for non-comedogenic products which won’t clog your pores and cause irritation to your skin. Fragrance-free products are also good for your skin as they contain fewer chemicals that can potentially cause irritation.

natural moisturisers psoriasis treatment
Using natural products is not limited to moisturizers and skin care products. Do this even for shampoos, soaps, washing liquids and washing detergents as your skin comes into contact with these substances too each day.



4) Watching your diet

psoriasis treatment aloe vera

One of the potential causes of Psoriasis is due to the malfunction of the immune system. It’s still not known why this happens to some people and not others. However, via the right diet habits, you can prevent the triggers of psoriasis. If you are aware of which types of food trigger psoriasis in you, then you need to avoid these foods.

In addition, foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to speed up healing in your skin. You can take Omega 3 supplements, or increase your intake of Omega rich foods such as oily fish.

Other types of supplements that have been known to help with the skin naturally include Vitamins E and C, as well as Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. With this, use creams and moisturizers which are made of these ingredients.

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