There seems to be many psoriasis treatments in the market, from medicinal and chemical-based treatments, to phototherapies and finally, natural remedies including stress-relieving approaches. Also, couple with the fact that some psoriasis treatments work better for others than for us, it doesn’t hurt to review some of these treatments and try them out ourselves.

From TalkPsoriasis, Krystynne states that using potassium permanganate powder on her skin helps to treat her Psoriasis inflammation, but with a downside of causing the spots on her skin to darken during treatment. Other Psoriasis sufferers such as winterface have stated that Clobetasol, Humira injections and Halboeatsol treatments have helped her, while Methotrexate, Humira, Enbrel seemed to work for AnnaPsA. The good thing is that these treatments seem to have helped them get rid of Psoriasis for years, and is not merely managing the condition.

psoriasis treatments that workApart from that, another contributor known as CA-Lynn has indicated that DMARDS, short for disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, has helped her control her anti-body levels and ultimately helping her clear her Psoriasis condition.

Cari Dee English , who won America’s Top Model, is also a Psoriasis sufferer. She has given an exclusive interview over on how her life with Psoriasis had been like. In fact, her condition hit the peak when 70% of her body, except for her face, when she was 13. Today, she manages her psoriasis with Stelara, a brand new treatment that only requires injections once every quarter.

Over at WebMD , Julie Edgar details her 20-year search for a solution for her Psoriasis condition. Her journey includes visits to multiple dermatologists, many of whom recommended a host of treatments ranging from topical creams to expensive biologic treatments costing $1200 monthly. Next, Julie tired tar baths as well as various creams and ointments at night. When that didn’t work for the long term, she settled for Cortisone injections until a doctor showed her the long-term effects of these treatments. Later, she switched to UVB phototherapy, which worked for short periods of time. This meant that a phototherapy session was needed several times a week in order to make it work.

Thereafter, she even tried methotrexate, typically used on cancer patients to slow cell growth. The infamous visit and soak in the Dead Sea was also another one of Julie’s attempt to cure herself of psoriasis. Finally, Julie decided to give up on trying too hard in finding a cure and instead learn to relax instead. Her indifferent approach actually improved her condition. With better sleep, exercise, and a life with children, her Psoriasis eventually cleared up on their own. Her doctor suggests that age-related hormones may also have something to do with the improvement.

Finally, Tara28 commented in a forum on that she first experienced Psoriasis after being prescribed Humira for Crohn’s disease. Topical creams and steroids didn’t work for her. In the end, taking 5 g of Omega 3 daily with 1000 IU of Vitamin D proved useful when her Psoriasis disappeared. Another sufferer, Vixen managed to stop her psoriasis when she applied tea tree oil on skin areas with Psoriasis, and consumed Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex supplements for a period of time. Her Psoriasis disappeared within a few months.

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