It’s bad enough to be condemned to a life-long condition of Psoriasis, but it’s another to be going through a treatment regime that does not seem to completely alleviate Psoriasis. The recurrence of Psoriasis has made many Psoriasis sufferers doubt the efficacy of the range of psoriasis treatments available. Couple this with the fact that some Psoriasis medications such as methotrexate has been indicated to be toxic to organs after a long duration of use, it’s not surprising that many have given up hope on ever finding effective psoriasis treatment.

With this, Psoriasis sufferers have also been known to suffer from depression. There is a certain stigma relating to Psoriasis, with red, inflamed patches appearing on the skin. Although this condition is not contagious and is really hereditary in nature, awareness on this fact is low. With this, low self-esteem, extremely self-consciousness and reclusiveness are common amongst those with Psoriasis.

psoriasis not seeking treatment

Without treatment, those experiencing Psoriasis are also at a higher risk of heart disease. Also, those with severe cases of Psoriasis not only have their skin affected, but their tissues and organs are inflamed. As this condition causes sticky blood vessels, risks of blood clots may be present.

With the dreadful prognosis and with a total of over 7 million of Americans suffering from this condition, the medical community has been working on finding drugs with a higher success rate of healing. One such medication is the Secukinumab drug that has been tested in clinical trials and has shown to help with improving the Psoriasis situation for 80% of patients, with 40% being cleared from Psoriasis after one year of usage.

According to Dr. Bruce Strober, of the Department of Dermatology at UConn Health, who testified on the success of clinical trials of Secukinumab, there is also a need to maintain a more holistic record of therapies and issued faced by psoriasis patients in the National Psoriasis Foundation and Corrona Registry. The data collected will be critical for the medical community to understand how specific therapies work in the market.

On top of that, information on safety with regards to the medications used can also be acquired from this database.

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