Today, as many as 7.5 million Americans are suffering from Psoriasis of multiple forms. At first glance, this disease may seem to be a skin disease with Psoriasis plagues and inflammation appearing on the surface of the skin.

However, if you understand Psoriasis in greater depth, you’ll know that the condition is actually an autoimmune disease. It’s only the symptoms of the condition that appears on the skin.

With this, while your initial response would be to seek out the medical of a dermatologist, to actually deal with psoriasis holistically actually needs the intervention of a team of medical specialists of various fields.

psoriasis medical help


It’s best to engage the advice of a dermatologist that is specialized in Psoriasis. Indeed, some dermatologists are more specialized as compared to others. Refer to bodies such as the National Psoriasis Foundation for lists of Psoriasis-specific physicians. With these specialists, you can then be fairly certain that they are up-to-date with the latest psoriasis treatment options and research.

Mental Health Counselor

Psoriasis patients are prone to low self-esteem, and even leading to depression. They are constantly ashamed of their appearance due to the psoriasis lesions on their bodies. Apart from that, the often life-long quest to finding a cure, or even just managing psoriasis over the long term takes a toll on them. In fact, up to 63% of psoriasis patients has acknowledged that their Psoriasis condition has affected them emotionally.

With this, dermatologists alone are not equipped to deal with these emotions, and mental health counselors or psychologists are necessary to help address these emotions. At times, the stress arising from the psoriasis flare-ups can even worsen the intensity of the condition. Thus, it’s an imperative that mental health care is included in the arsenal of treatment for Psoriasis.


The proper nutrition to our bodies has an impact towards how equipped our bodies are in fighting diseases. With Psoriasis being an immunology condition, studies have indicated that nutrition has a part to play in improving Psoriasis conditions. Thus, the advise of a Nutritionist would be essential in helping you fight Psoriasis. This includes eating the right foods, and avoiding others, or even having a concrete and workable diet plan to follow.

In fact, according to Susan Barendregt, a nutrition specialist, by eliminating gluten, alcohol, additives and sugar in your diet helps to reduce the symptoms of Psoriasis. Apart from that, those afflicted with Psoriasis are also found to be experiencing deficiencies in essential minerals such as folate, iron or even protein. With this, the right guidance with the right diet to address these deficiencies is essential towards improvement in Psoriasis conditions.


Physicians are often the first medical practitioner from who advise is sought. He or she may even be able to prescribe topical corticosteroids or other types of external creams especially for mild cases of Psoriasis. While the physician may not be specialized in your condition, he or she may be adept in helping you watch out for other health issues that may arise from Psoriasis, such as hypertension or even arthritis.


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