It may be believed that only ordinary people are facing the uphill battle of fighting with Psoriasis most part of their lives. This embarrassing condition has left many feeling depressed, lonely and elusive.

However, despite the challenges, many celebrities and even beauty queens have learnt to live with this condition and even emerge as winners. How did they thrive in an environment where perfect appearance is of utmost importance? How they succeed being confident with Psoriasis despite the odds of it work against them.

Lauren Wanger Hernandez psoriasisAccording to Lauren Wanger Hernandez, Ms. United States 2007, being teased on her skin condition as a child, had a part to play in increasing her determination to overcome her condition. Her stand was that she was going to accomplish something even though she’s not perfect. She had great confidence NOT to let her Psoriasis condition hold her back. She recalls one of her most challenging times as a teen when she had to use 20 pieces of tape each night to peel of the dead skin from Psoriasis.

Thankfully, her Psoriasis improved greatly after her pregnancy, and she now manages her skin only with fair amounts of cream applications on spots that appear now and then on her body.

Famous celebrity LeAnn Rimes publicly revealed her battle with psoriasis back in 2008. Despite coping with Psoriasis, she has won two Grammy awards and sold more than 37 million albums.

She admits that having Psoriasis has not really stopped her from her achievements, with the exception of some of the medications she had to take. Consuming these medications had caused her skin to bleed and itch terribly even while she was performing on stage. There were even times when she felt fatigued and even fell ill quickly due to the medications.

With stress being a key trigger of Psoriasis, LeAnn Rimes have had to make a stand to manage her health positively to avoid triggering Psoriasis. Amongst the steps she has mentioned worked for her include working with a dermatologist to identify proper treatment options that would work for you as an individual. Essentially, working out has a calming effect on her, and watching her diet also has had a positive impact. Indeed, LeAnn believes that staying healthy is extremely essential in battling psoriasis.

leann rimes psoriasis

Today, she is an ambassador for the “Stop Hiding from Psoriasis” campaign and strives to create awareness and understanding of this condition. Her belief is that if more people are educated on Psoriasis, it will then be easier for Psoriasis sufferers not to hide their condition and still feel comfortable in public.

Eli Roth, the star from Inglourious Basterds, first discovered Psoriasis when he was 22. Since then, he has not let Psoriasis get in the way of his accomplishments. He sees the importance of staying healthy, and doesn’t drink or smoke, whilst working hard to stay physically fit. In fact, his relentless efforts at keeping healthy have earned him title of the Most Fit Director in the Men’s Fitness Magazine back in 2006.

These are great testimonials that just go to show that a determination for health and achievement despite the psoriasis disadvantage is possible. All that’s needed is to stick to your guns to maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently, in addition to working with your dermatologist to determine the medicine that works best for you. Also, with Psoriasis awareness rising, it won’t be long before you will be confident enough not to cover your Psoriasis scabs when walking out in public!

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