A psoriasis sufferer’s ardous journey to finding a suitable remedy that works in his or her situation often ends up in disappointment. A regime that seemingly works for some individuals may not necessarily work for you, as psoriasis triggers differ from person to person

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t give up trying and today we are going to feature a multiple step alternative remedy from the Talk Psoriasis forum that seems worth trying out. These remedies seem to have been picked from the sharing of experiences amongst Psoriasis sufferers who saw significant improvement.

Step 1: Magnesium Chloride Mixture

Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea being a sort of Pool of Bethesda for Psoriasis sufferers? Rumor has it that this effect arises from the presence of Magnesium Chloride as a key ingredient in the Dead Sea.

To replicate this at home, dilute Magnesium Chloride flakes in distilled water in equal amounts. If your skin is sensitive towards this compound, particularly for first time users, dilute the flakes with more water and gradually reduce the dilution over time.

You can probably try dabbing it on affected skin first to watch for hypersensitivity or other effects, before confidently moving on to soaking or spraying.

Avoid using this on open wounds though, as the substance can be a tad too strong for wounds to take.

Those who have had this work for them usually treat themselves this way once or twice weekly. It’s not a cure though, but works well in managing their psoriasis condition.

Step 2: Vitamin D3 and K2 Consumption

Research has shown that some psoriasis sufferers have issues with metabolizing calcium. Also, some plague psoriasis patients suffered from too much calcium. Taking Vitamin D3 helps the body move the calcium from soft tissues, while Vitamin K2 assists in getting calcium to our bones and teeth.

Some Psoriasis Patients records consuming 400 micrograms of vitamin K2 of MK-7 type. These are vitamin K2 which are derived from bacterial fermentation. Another source of Vitamin K2 MK7 type is also found in natto, a type of Japanese Fermented soy.

As for Vitamin D3, some psoriasis patients have recorded taking 30,000 IU per day for 7 weeks before lowering it down to 10,000 IU daily.

Step 3: Coconut Oil

coconut oil for psoriasisIt’s also essential that some form of fat be consumed together with the vitamins. This could be coconut oil, which in itself contains a lot of other health benefits as well. Some people will take it straight from the bottle, while others will mix it up with some vegetables salad for a tastier form.

Step 4: Avoid milk and dairy

Finally, it’s a practice to stop taking milk and dairy, even those found in ice cream and chocolate. Find some other milk substitutes instead such as soymilk.

Reference: http://www.inspire.com/groups/talk-psoriasis/discussion/freedom-from-psoriasis-a-survival-kit-and-fun/

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