Psoriasis patients have known to be constantly in the look out for various treatment options that can provide relieve or at least improve their psoriasis condition. One of the treatments that have been seen to work for some is a combination of Vitamins D3 and K to help with deficiency in these two types of vitamins.

vitamin d psoriasisThe way Vitamin D helps is by assisting our bodies in the absorption of calcium in our bones, and the distribution of calcium in our bodies. In terms of Psoriasis, Vitamin D is effective in changing the way the cells grow, according to Dr. Richard Gallo. Typically, due to the fact that Psoriasis is a condition relating to the speed of cell growth, Vitamin D may have an effect in slowing down the growth of plagues on the skin. Another way that Vitamin D potentially works is by rebalancing the function of the immune system in our bodies.

Psoriasis sufferers such as Edee Scott, aged 72, from Corona, California, has found that topical Vitamin D applications such as Vectical and Dovonex, has helped to improve her psoriasis conditions.

On the other hand, Dr. Gallo has also cautioned against the over-consumption of Vitamin D as it also has the potential to cause kidney damage as well as other skin and hair problems when taken in large amounts. What he suggests is for patients to evaluate their current Vitamin D levels before determining the amounts of Vitamin D they need to take.

In order for Vitamin D to work, they have to be in the active form that is found in the topical Vitamin D3 creams. Dr. Gallo mentions that for consumed Vitamin D, it is changed to the active form by our kidneys and livers. They have also recently discovered that skin cells are also capable of converting Vitamin D to this active form.

Finally, according to some Psoriasis sufferers who posted on the Inspire Forum, a user known as kingPerho have found that Vitamin D3 in combination with Super K has helped to decrease Psoriasis in his body, but at a slow rate. Some other users who have commented on the forum have indicated that they have tried the same remedy but it had no effect on them.

Thus, the effectiveness of the Vitamin D3 therapy may be differ from person to person, and may be impacted by the existing deficiency levels within the body.



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